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"Spring For Joy" Jazz Suite

Trumpet Octet from New Dimensions CD

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Hat Dance Variations

Brass Trio

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Wolking Music Publications

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Sinfonia for Horn and Organ

Written for and premiered by Professor Randall Faust, Western Illinois University


The Best Dam Trombone Quintet Ever

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● THE BEST DAM TROMBONE QUINTET EVER       4:30 minutes (published April 2019 by Cherry Classics)
In the summer of 2017 my wife and I moved to the Nevada Dam town of Boulder City. The town began as a construction camp in early 1930s for the workers of the Boulder Dam (later renamed the Hoover Dam). The dam is one of the worlds great construction projects of the 20 century and has over a million yearly visitors. My house is less than ten minutes away from the dam, and because the dam in one way or another affects everyone living in this unique Nevada town, my newest trombone quintet is the best, well you get the picture. It is a high energy single movement work inspired by the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Ranges are fairly moderate with a high C# in the first trombone at the end. This is a fun romp for five dam fine trombonists.

Just Do It

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●JUST DO IT for Brass Quartet 5:00 minutes (in production by Cherry Classics)

●PROGNOSIS FOR BRASS TRIO ( trumpet, trombone, tuba) 8:00 minutes (in production by Cherry Classics)

An eight minute four movement work for trumpet with flugelhorn double, trombone, and tuba. At this stage of my writing career, Prognosis has become a fairly common word heard and directed to myself, family, and friends. As such I feel obbliged to offer a few prognosis of my own for one of my long standing and favored brass chamber music groups. Each movemnt is titled, and informed by a particular prognosis. The first movement, Chromatic Disorder, is, well, highly chromatic, and rhythmically active. The second, Common Tone Cold, is a melodic, gentle lullaby. The third, Take A PentaTonic, is a 6/8 romp of pentatonic scales connected by common tones. The fourth, Your Bill, Payable In C Notes, is an active closer that uses, the note C in every beat and cord of the entire movement. I predict you’ll feel much better after playing or listening to these prognosis.